Aaron sorkin who is he dating

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It was a personality thing." An extensive White House set, of both the East and West Wings, was built on the Castle Rock Entertainment lot in Culver City.

The set's Oval Office was later reused for the films Nixon and Independence Day.

Popular Democratic President Andrew Shepherd is preparing to run for re-election.

The President and his staff, led by Chief of Staff and best friend A. Mac Inerney, attempt to consolidate the administration's 63% approval rating by passing a moderate crime control bill.

The American President is a 1995 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Rob Reiner and written by Aaron Sorkin.

The film stars Michael Douglas, Annette Bening, Martin Sheen, Michael J. In the film, President Andrew Shepherd (Douglas) is a widower who pursues a relationship with environmental lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Bening) – who has just moved to Washington, D. – while at the same time attempting to win the passage of a crime control bill.

During their first meeting, Shepherd and Wade are immediately intrigued by each other.

J., Shepherd makes a surprise appearance in the White House press room and rebukes Rumson's attacks on his values and character, as well as his painting Wade as a political whore, stating flat-out "You want a character debate, Bob?The President refuses to respond to these attacks, which drives his approval ratings lower and costs him crucial political support, without which his crime bill seems doomed to failure. are conflicted by this information as Wade clearly had no idea of the implications of this casual conversation, much less that they might actually use this information in their favor and against her environmental bill.At the White House Christmas Party, Wade is dejected about her meeting that day with three Congressmen from Michigan about the environmental bill and how it was a dismal failure; in the process, she inadvertently mentions to the President and A. that the Congressmen in question said the only bill they were more interested in defeating than the President's crime bill was Wade's environmental bill. Eventually, Wade does manage to get enough votes to meet her part of the deal.However, in the meantime, Shepherd's team discovers he is exactly three votes short, with no other apparent options to acquire them except by shelving the environmental bill, thus solidifying the support of the three Congressmen from Michigan—which he agrees to do.This results in disaster for Wade as she is immediately fired from her lobbyist job for failing to achieve her objectives, as well as seemingly jeopardizing her political reputation.

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