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Jonathan is one of those old favorites that just doesn't go away, and we're not surprised. This variety is especially valuable as a source of "stay firm when baked" flesh for pies and dumplings.

Best Alternate: Jonagold or Idared Buy Online The best known apple on the planet, Red Delicious' primary usage is fresh eating.

The original tree was discovered on a farm in Iowa in the 1870's.

Red Delicious was originally called "Hawkeye" before Stark Brothers Nursery bought the rights to the apple and renamed it.

Best Alternate: Zestar or Gala Buy Online “Finally, an early season apple with a crisp, juicy texture and an exciting, zesty flavor with a hint of brown sugar!

Its outstanding texture, flavor, and storage life are sure to make Zestar an early-season winner.” So say the folks at the University of Minnesota, who developed this NEW variety.

This schedule shows typical dates and is posted for customer reference, but please don't depend solely on it.

Still, we can expect to be early on most apple varieties from July through mid-September, but not likely more than a week earlier than average.

You needn’t just take our word but can read this article to see what a “foodie” blogger says about this variety.

Harvest time of this variety is always welcomed as the official start of "Apple Season".

An "offspring" of Gala and also related to Jonathan (now you know why everyone loves Sansa!

) that originated in Japan, Sansa is well positioned for success with its tremendous flavor, juice, and crunch.

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