Dating brooch clasps

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They commemorate Canada’s first Olympic games held in 1976 at Montreal.They come in proof condition all sealed in their original plastic containers.What a great Pan Am showing for Canada finishing 2nd place overall. We’re all so proud of your accomplishments and the great display of sportsmanship displayed throughout the games. We have the odd Olympic coin come in from time to time but a full set like this is quite rare.The 28 different coins are each made from 92.5% pure silver and contain over 1 kilogram of sterling silver in total.So, where is the line as far as office or work fashion goes?For context, I work in a very liberal environment but do have interactions with students, clients, and patients in hospital environments at times.

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No one knows where the price of gold is going but 10 years ago it was selling for around 0.00 per oz.

I don’t want to make people uncomfortable (don’t worry, I won’t be demanding anyone call my partner “master”) but I also would like to ideally keep this very important personal symbol.

I’m not sure how eye-raising or recognizable these symbols are outside of the lifestyle.

They can be difficult to find and quite often not available to us. Each of the 337,688 .00 gold coins produced are of 90% gold purity and contain 0.5288 oz. They are being sold on a fist come first sold basis only. Please add 2% if payment is made using a credit card.

Just to make it clear; we are selling each coin for 5% LESS than the actual gold value they contain. If you know a proud Canadian who would appreciate such a gift come and get one while you can. The Pan Am games just finished up yesterday and the 2014 Sochi Olympic winter games are just a memory now.

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