Dating someone with gentile warts

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Learning that your partner has HPV isn't a reason to break up with them.

It may inspire you to be better about practicing safe sex, That said, I think that most people should work from the assumption that both you and your partner have HPV.

It can be very scary to learn that you are dating someone with HPV.

You may hear their diagnosis and think of the possibility of cancer.

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You can't completely protect yourself against HPV infection.When you're a young man whose female sexual partner has just called to tell you that she's been diagnosed with HPV, it can be hard to know what to do.Unlike most other STDs, there's no convenient way to get screened for HPV.Prior to widespread use of the HPV vaccines, the CDC estimated that at least half of all sexually active adults would be infected at some point in their lives.Historically that estimate has been as high as 80 percent.

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