Dating winchester model 70 serial number

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It is held to the wrist by a screw extending from under the trigger guard extension.Almost all the furniture on the rifle was investment cast.The elegant Chambers English lock is carefully placed for best ignition.The maple figure extends all the way thru the stock, end to end, both sides. There is a brass front sight soldered to the barrel, but the rear is a two leaf folding sight in a dovetail. The barrel has a 16 sided treatment to the front of the octagon section and is held to the stock with 4 stout pins.Note the drip bar just in front of the solid patent breech and above the forefront of the lock- an attractive feature that neatly solves the problem of the weak wood above the lock.The trigger guard, below, screws into the DST plate, which in turn is bolted to the tang- a very strong set-up.There is far more metal in this breech set up than in any Hawken.Also note that there is no wood above the lock, a ‘drip bar’ filling in that weak space.

All sported the same barrel, same as the M98 Elite Hunter, but with many variations. DOC #809 The birth of a Dutch inspired 12 bore wheelock musket.Too bad the great tiger striping in the maple does not show as well as it should.The figure is quite muted by the Aqua Fortis dark finish. This grand British style of the 1820-60’s was muted, never flamboyant, yet functionally elegant and extremely stout.#788 And let there be- a GENTLEMAN’S RIFLE with English brass furniture, a Colerain 38″ octagon to round barrel in 58 caliber, an elegant English Queene Anne flintlock, a single trigger and a silver escutcheon at the wrist.The rifle has been restocked in America with aqua fortis stained AAAA maple.

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