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Just like in other free-to-play games, you get coins over time from building and items (and as rewards for completing quests), while rings are designed to be purchased with real money. You gain a tiny amount of rings by level up or by completing some rare quests. Finally, thank you to keen members of High School Story's Forum. GAME MECHANISM _________________ When the game starts, it asks your gender and your type - Jock, Nerd, or Prep You can only pick one of these three basic types and stick with it. You, however, are free to choose name, skin tone, face shape, and hair for most characters except special characters. ----------------- 5.2b Male Clothes ----------------- Category: Trending (April 2015) 1. This mode will help North American players preparing for their graduation tests while also teaching intermediate level English to international players. THANK YOU ____________ I gather some information from High School Database, ( which is created by Adam Becker.

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Created by awritingdog for Game FAQs, Neo Seeker, and Super Cheats Copyright 2014-2015 Mario Rustan Mail: politicsbrat at gmail High School Story is a property of Pixelberry Studios ______________________________________________________________________ _________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS __________________ Press Ctrl F together to jump to a section you're looking for! After that, you will face different enemies, working with other schools, and doing seasonal school projects. Developer Pixelberry holds contests regularly, so if you want to participate bookmark its blog at and Facebook page at HSSgame.

You level up characters by books and books are generated in, of course, classrooms.

Finally, if you've made purchase (I recommend for about , a fair amount for this nice game), you'll get 2 free rings for every other hour. The school in High School Story is very simple and quite unlike a real school.

High School Story requires 92.7 MB on Apple i OS and 49 MB on Google Android.

Save files will significantly increase the amount of space required in your device. Off Court Style (12 thousand coins): While watching NBA. Dashing Overcoat (15 thousand coins): It's still cold.

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