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Do you have any advice as to how we should proceed?

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Here's a little clue: if you're only communicating via email and instant messaging, chances are pretty good that the person you're communicating with isn't really emotionally available (and possibly not even physically available).

Whatever you do, don't keep muddling around in cyberspace. Because while online dating can be a useful tool for initiating contact with another person – the Internet is the place to develop meaningful and lasting relationships. You and your young lady friend would be wise to allow yourselves at least a year to work on this, and to put a great deal of conscious effort into it.

For that you need lots of time and plenty of face-to-face interaction. There's really no way to cut corners or short-circuit the process.

Here are ten tips on how to make online dating work for you: There are probably a hundred other things that can be added to this list.

The basics are simple – it's a dating game whether it is online or otherwise.

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