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The landscape of the Irish television industry is changing rapidly - RTÉ has just outsourced its young person's department, while web company Maximum Media has announced plans to move in to online broadcasting - and Aisling says that people have to adapt to that. But ultimately it comes down to budgets, like everything." And so, Aisling has launched her own website,

Self-funded at the moment, she's poured some of her redundancy money in to the project - although she says laughingly that any interested investors or venture capitalists should call her.

"I was quite content to be gracious and say nothing about the show's sliding ratings and then this release from TV3 which is nothing short of breath-taking. The average audience for Xposé was certainly not 42,100 and a 4.7pc share when I worked for the show. Moving to half an hour should boost ratings anyway but it has not.

58,000 and a 6.5pc share is not a ratings boost by a long mile and again would have been a bad day at the office. No problem with fair reporting, would take it on the chin." She later told the Herald newspaper that the figures were construed in a way that she found "misleading, disingenuous and antagonistic".

Read more » May 20, 2010 To coincide with the Cannes premiere of his latest film, Route Irish, English social-realist director Ken Loach (Kes, Hidden Agenda) has written a short reminiscence for the Guardian’s ongoing .

'If you don't put your hand up, nobody else is going to do it for you," says Aisling O'Loughlin.

In a way, I was terribly happy to hand over the baton because I just can't be going back and forth to London or LA all the time any more.

I want to be here with my kids at dinner time." However, there were questions raised about the legality of TV3's move considering the fact that Aisling was on maternity leave with her third child when the changes to the show were announced.

Although initially she didn't comment on the change, a few weeks after the news of her departure broke a post appeared on Aisling's personal Instagram.September 08, 2016 Few political films have remained as incendiary or as relevant as Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers, which opened in Italy on this day fifty years ago. Read more » August 09, 2011 Legend has it that an American moneyman agreed to finance Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 neorealist classic Bicycle Thieves with one stipulation—that the role of the common laborer whose meager capital . It addressed reports that claimed the show had seen a huge ratings boost since the line-up was revamped."May I just set the record straight for the sake of decency and fair reporting," Aisling wrote.

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