Jenni have sex on jennicam

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Ringley thought it would be more interesting if a person was featured instead, and she took it upon herself to be the person living in a fishbowl under the watch of others.

In this first year, she performed stripteases on webcam in her dorm room, but stopped when hackers threatened her privately to expose more of herself.

At the height of her popularity, she had 10 million visitors on Jenni weekly.

When Ringley decided to moved to Sacramento California, she allowed free live streaming and audio for her process of packing up her apartment.

It was around this time when she was involved with a man named Dex, who was the fiancé of another webcammer.

Undoubtedly, the challenge for many of her admirers was to catch Jenni in a state of undress, or even having sex.

Yet the bulk of Jennicam's output was more mundane - especially since Jenni herself now has a full-time job out of the home.

The demise of Jennicam has been blamed on the online payment service Paypal, which used to process payments by subscribers.

Jenni Ringley has run the site for over 7 and a half years and was even voted more popular than Linus in a ZDNet poll.

Of course, such constant exposure has had its downsides; she has received death threats in the past.

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