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It’s not exactly the sort of thing that instills confidence amongst a skeptical audience.

In a 2003 article highlighting the beginnings of a perception change regarding those who found love online, The New York Times noted “even those who embrace online dating acknowledge a major flaw: the frequent disconnect between who people say they are online and what they are really like.

At the time, internet dating was the domain of the young, something no one younger than 35 would think twice about. Online dating may seem like a young person’s game, but according to many sociologists, the phenomenon was almost unheard of among users younger than 25.

University of California assistant professor of sociology Kevin Lewis told Digital Trends that, along with older users who, in many cases, continue to stigmatize online dating, “the other population that’s been a little bit slow that way is college students. They’re still surrounded by people their age and a bunch of other eligibles.

“The efficiencies of internet searching are especially important for individuals searching for something uncommon,” Rosenfield and Thomas explain.

“The most striking difference between the way same-sex couples meet and the way heterosexual couples meet is the dominance of the internet among same-sex couples who met after 2000, with more than 60 percent of same-sex couples meeting online in 20.” It should come as no surprise, then, that Grindr was so instrumental at the dawn of mobile dating.

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“Scholarly debate about the social impacts of the Internet has been hampered by a lack of nationally representative data on how (or whether) people use the Internet to meet new friends or partners,” the paper explains.

and the next thing you know, falling in love is forever changed.

Vox recently analyzed data from 35 years’ worth of wedding announcements in The New York Times, and found that “online” now ranks as the third most common way people meet — second only to “school” and “mutual friend.” In the older-than-40 age range, it creeps into the second spot. We already trust our computers to do our shopping and banking, why shouldn’t the fruits of the home computer revolution help us find love?

Instead, before recent trends, online dating has seen its most notable growth among users in their 30s and 40s, when more traditional methods of meeting a partner have slowed considerably as more and more potential love interests have coupled up.

Gay users have also been early adopters for similar reasons.

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