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According to EU rules, foreigners can live in other member countries for up to three months, but can only remain if they are financially independent, working or registered as students.Peterborough, with its considerable migration problems, has been chosen as the pilot scheme for the expulsion project.Outside the kitchen door there are grubby children's clothes and some beer cans.

'The only problem is our oldest boy has to go to school five miles away.

People sleep rough in derelict houses, alleyways, garden sheds or under crude shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting in the parks - anywhere they can find a place to rest their weary heads at night.

These are the homeless European migrants that Labour promised this week (an announcement cynically made on the opening day of the election campaign) would be thrown out of Britain, because they cannot support themselves financially.

He is 29 and also is able to speak only a few words of English.

'He does not go to work,' his wife says, as her ten-year-old daughter, Nicola, tries to help as an interpreter.

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