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This is €69.95 (£55.38), but in the UK is priced at £79.99, saving me £24.61. I spot a soft camel coat for €79.95 (£63.30) that would be £89.99 at home, saving me more than £25, a pair of comfy leather ankle boots for €69.95 (£55.38) that are £69.99 in the UK and a stripy top for €12.95 (£10.25).Unfortunately, a pair of silver kitten heels I'd coveted at home were sold out and the store is generally lacking in glam shoes, but a pink-and-black party dress with jewel embellishments is there for €49.95 (£39.52), a saving of about £20 on buying it in Britain, where it would cost £59.99.It's viscose and polyester, but at €19.99 (£15.82) is such a bargain it won’t matter if it doesn’t last.It’s less of a bargain back at home, though, where it costs £24.99. As I'm about to pay for my items, I spot a display of sunglasses.Here, I spot the perfect work dress - a dog-tooth-pattern shift with forgiving elbow-length sleeves.

Feeling quite pleased with myself, I turn my attention to a hotel.

I'm on a mission to buy a new winter wardrobe and I've got another shop to visit.

Going abroad for a little retail therapy isn't something I've ever done before.

The exchange rate on the day I travel means one euro equals roughly 79p - or £1 = €1.26.

A bus from the airport to the city centre costs €5.90 (£4.67) and once I'm there, a two-day travelcard to get me round the Metro costs € 14.40 (£11.40).

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