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In 1997, Sexual Abuse Committee warns Hollingworth that Mc Auley should not beleft in charge of young members of choir.In 1999, Mc Auley leaves Anglican Church 18 months after making inappropriate sexual advance tomale victim, aged 24, with whom he had "tangled relationship".On Thursday, a 48-year-old man told the Baltimore diocese that hewas molested by Barasda, who was a priest in the victim's parish.Theabuse allegedly started in 1966, when the victim was 14 years old, andcontinued for two years, Arnold said.The church is not compensating victims while they consultwith legal counsel.Anglican Father Walliker says he is not shocked ashe has seen this before in the Anglican Church.

AUS Governor-General and former Brisbane Anglican archbishop Peter HOLLINGWORTH comes under fire afterappointing Mc Auley to Church Sexual Abuse Committee while Brisbanearchbishop despite being aware of allegations that Mc Auley sexuallyabused 2 males.Sapsford molested dozens of alter boys whilehe was married with children, and after his serial molestation atanother church was revealed in 1996.There are allegations by theparents of the victim boys that the Archbishop covered up the originalallegations.Prosecutor Kerri Lombari called Shissler's case "the most disturbingcase I have ever worked as a prosecutor." (October 17, 2002) CROWLEYMichael James, 58 Hobart psychologist and former head of Anglican Church's independent inquiry into child sex abuse.Appears in Hobart Magistrates Court charged with maintaining sexual relationship withminor between January 1973 and February 1976.

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