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Conservatives should not discount the saleability of Mr Corbyn’s attack on tax-dodging multinationals.If such companies had sense, they would repair their greedy ways before Mr Corbyn’s smash-and-grab nationalisers steal their businesses.The media was attacked – the Mail took a flesh wound, though somehow we survive. ’ when Mr Corbyn highlighted the wickedness of Tory Britain.They threw arms to the ceiling, evangelical happy-clappies seized by the spirit of their Lord. Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour conference yesterday lasted well over an hour and felt twice that.Even his late amigo Fidel Castro, notorious gasbag, might have advised Comrade Jeremy to cut some of the oration’s dribblier passages.When it came to Brexit, he suddenly started speaking at Pinky and Perky speed, gabbling that while he ‘respected the democratic result’, Labour would ‘guarantee unimpeded access to the single market’. Confidence brimming, he offered patronising advice to Donald Trump, told Mrs May to ‘pull yourself together or make way’ and claimed ‘we are now the mainstream’.

Disclaimer The particulars detailed herein are intended to give a fair description of the vessel but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.Tory Brexiteers need loudly to reclaim ‘take back control’ in Manchester next week.The delegates went nuts as he promised renationalisation and swingeing moves against house-owners. ‘It’s as if we are stuck in a time warp,’ cried Mr Corbyn. When he finally shut up, a woman tried to give him a garland (he threw it away). I stayed in the hall for a while but Mr Corbyn showed no desire to leave the stage.Grenfell, he claimed, was a ‘tragic monument’ to a ‘degraded regime’ which had ‘contempt for working-class communities’.Moistening as hammily as Tony Blair at his worst, Mr Corbyn chose this moment to turn to some poetry – four lines of doggerel by Ben Okri:‘Those who were living now are dead, Those who were breathing are from the living earth fled, If you want to see how the poor die, come to Grenfell Tower.

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