Updating startup caches

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If you make changes to the MATLAB toolbox directories (for example, by adding or deleting files), the path information in the toolbox path cache file becomes out of date.When you start up your next MATLAB session, this out-dated path information will be loaded into memory from the cache. If you choose to make changes that affect the toolbox path, you must regenerate the cache file using the procedure described in Generating the Toolbox Path Cache.It takes considerable time to acquire all of this information by scanning directories in the remote file system.Reading it from a pre-generated cache however, is significantly faster.This section explains when you need to update your toolbox path cache and how to avoid problems caused by an out-dated cache file.Updating Cache Following a Product Install or Update.

To do so, select Update Toolbox Cache as described in Selecting Toolbox Path Cache Preferences. To update the cache, type the following in the Command Window.You can disable the use of this feature either on a user-by-user basis or on a global basis.To disable it on a per-user basis, uncheck Enable toolbox cache in the Preferences dialog box.To resume use of the cache, you need to regenerate it using the procedure described in Generating the Toolbox Path Cache.Updating Cache Following Changes to Toolbox Directories.

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