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Buffy woke up alone the next day and was soon attacked by the soulless Angelus, providing a metaphor for the real-life situation of a boy who doesn't call a girl the "morning after" they share a sexual encounter.Angelus tormented Buffy, and although her witch friend Willow Rosenberg was able to restore his soul with magic, Buffy was forced to sacrifice him to stop the world from being drawn into hell.Spike became a loyal member of the Scoobies after her sacrifice, and attempted to comfort her following her resurrection.Buffy, feeling purposeless, then embarked on a highly destructive sexual relationship with him.

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Although Riley sacrificed his career, body and friends to be with Buffy, he grew frustrated with her unwillingness to be truly open and vulnerable with him, admitting to a surprised Xander Harris that although Buffy was like no other person he had ever met, she didn't love him.

Spike grew frustrated with Buffy and his anger, greatly enhanced by his lack of a soul, prompted him to attempt to rape her.

Although he realized the horror of his actions after Buffy forced him off of her, she still dared him to ask her why she could never love him.

In the past, Buffy was romantically linked to sarcastic slacker Oliver Pike, whom she met shortly before discovering her identity as the Slayer.

Although they initially hated one another, as Buffy's superficial valley girl perspective clashed with Pike's ethics, the two grew closer after losing friends to Lothos and his minions, and Pike eventually aided Buffy in her defeat of the vampire king.

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