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Season 1 slightly rewritten from "Seventeen Candles." CB, TV Universe. Mostly from Chuck and Blair's POV, but Serena, Nate and Co. Including storylines chronologically from s1 through s6, however later seasons (starting in season 4) will have major alternate storylines from what was on the show (but for the better!

She always thought her husband would be the one with the in-law problem. Keegan and Troian give in to what had always been boiling under the surface over the past few years.

Nights when you remind me how amazing you are, over and over again. Not all of us are comfortable showing off our moves without a little liquid courage."Chuck ruined Blair's Cotillion and she came back to Nate... She realizes she had feelings for him, he realizes he had butterflies for her... Starts out mirroring the episode but then evolves into one version of what us Chair fans wished had happened. AUBlair is sent to spend her whole summer with Bass Family.

The simple things like how beautiful you look in my clothes, and how much fun it is to kick your ass at Scrabble." - Based on a Tumblr prompt. Title derived from Adam Agin song of the same name. what would have happened if they had been a little less proud? I rated it M but idk, because chuck and Blair's relationship is physical on the show, but I didn't want it to be as graphic as other fanfiction-I just went for exactly what you'd see on screen, nothing more nothing less. She's not very excited about this because she's been crushing on chuck for awhile and well they hadn't seen each other for almost a year.

No disrespect meant to either of them, clearly a work of fiction. And Chuck Bass slinking out of her apartment every evening is not something she can ignore. A young, single Blair happens upon the already rakish and infamous Chuck Bass doing what he does best.

It's time for she and Bart to assert their parental authority, starting with some discipline over dinner at the Waldorfs. Howard and Bernadette's wedding sets off a series of events which will change her life forever. Blair will never be the same- then again, neither will Chuck. Alternate ending to Season 4 - Chair Angst/Romance. Fluffy, happy ending : DYes, Waldorf, I'm with someone new now. She had wanted to fly out to see him but Rufus hadn't been too thrilled with the idea so she had remained in NYC. C/B of course, even if he is currently engaged to someone else.

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