Who is ice t dating

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These strange-looking deserts were first created by mistake by a pastry chef looking to make use of odd-shaped strawberries. A pastry chef tried to use the strawberry extract to create a new kind of confectionery in order to use strawberries that were not the right shape to be sold.He realised the cream would solidify when put in contact with the strawberry extract.A new examination of old data suggests that there might be ice hiding in the Martian equator, even though scientists previously thought that the substance couldn't exist there.Scientists uncovered an unexpected amount of hydrogen when looking at older data from NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft dating back to between 20.For this new study, the researchers analyzed data collected using Mars Odyssey's neutron spectrometer.The instrument is not designed to directly detect water, but by measuring neutrons, it can detect signatures of hydrogen, which can mark the presence of water or other hydrogen-bearing substances.According to Takeshi Toyoda, president of the Biotherapy Development Research Center, the ice cream remains 'almost the same even if exposed to the hot air from a dryer'.

He found the ice cream 'retained its original shape' after five minutes of heat. FYI, Lamar Odom, Stephon Marbury and Gilbert Arenas have all been tied to the BIG3 ... after catching Saturday's USC-Texas thriller -- which he told us was epic, BTW -- and the Longhorns legend holla'd at Cube for a roster spot next year. Ford retired from the NBA before he turned 30 -- after serious neck injuries left him temporarily paralyzed. The chef realised the cream would solidify when put in contact with the strawberry extract.Although this made the extract redundant in confectioneries, scientists realised it could be used to stop ice creams melting.

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