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Reha website, Amazon and via a network of independent dealers.

Wheelchair dealers interested in joining the Reha Design network are encouraged to contact Dr.

The impossible is now possible.” When asked about the names “Wheelchair Slippers” and “Wheelchair Socks”, Dr Emmer explained: When able bodied people come home, many put on slippers or take off their shoes and wear socks in order to prevent tracking outside dirt and germs throughout the house.

Now wheelchair users can use their Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks in order to keep prevent tracking dirt and germs throughout the house.

Wheelchair Socks’ unique design is pending patent approval in the USA and is now being submitted in several other countries.

Reha Design is an innovative brand of wheelchair accessories, designed in Europe but distributed worldwide via the

In the middle of the night, I woke up and traced out a pattern for a new design.

After a few modifications to the new design, ‘Wheelchair Socks’ were born.

Each and every week, Xbox Reside Gold members can save up to 50-75% in the Xbox Shop with exclusive discounts on select games, add-ons, and a lot more.

I usually don`t play games but immediately after reading you hub I want to play them all.

Aside from bringing fun and excitement to your kid’s day, you can also save a lot from this game pack given that the bundle fees far less compared if you acquire the pointed out games individually.

The new specially designed closure makes it possible for wheelchair users to quickly cover the caster wheels while sitting inside or outside of the wheelchair.

Like Wheelchair Slippers, Wheelchair Socks are machine washable.

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